Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To worship the Lord in Spirit and truth, providing a fellowship for the family (Body of Christ) in one accord, giving God all the glory. Our church is committed to “Getting Back to the Basics” of God’s Word through strengthening, encouraging, and lifting each other up with prayer and continual study of the Bible. Through Abiding in His Word, we will see transformation of lives through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Our words, actions, deeds and thoughts will imitate the qualities of Jesus Christ so that we are equipped to reach a lost and hurting world.

Our Vision
A Supernatural Church – where the lost are saved, the sick are healed, the bound are set free and believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

A Family Church – where the entire family is ministered to and can grow together in the things of God. The family is strengthened, blessed and becomes a blessing.

A Worship Center – where God is worshipped in Spirit and in Truth with Liberty.

A Training Center – where God’s people are taught the Word of God and equipped to do the work of God.

A Missions Church – where we reach out to the lost, hurting, homeless, hungry and abused people of our region and then the uttermost parts of the world.

A House of Prayer – filled with a people of prayer who know that God answers prayer.

A Healing Place (Spiritual, Emotional and Physical) – where the sick and hurting are ministered to and healed by the power of God – then they are taught how to keep their healing and go forth and bring God’s healing power to others.

A Personal Ministry Center – where the wisdom and counsel of God is ministered to individuals by trained and anointed ministers.

A Dynamic Children’s Ministry – discipling our children in the Word of God and reaching the children of our city.

On Fire Youth Ministry – developing them solidly in God and equipping them to reach their generation for Jesus Christ.