About the Pastors

Pastor Jeff Budzinski first sensed the call of God upon his life after receiving Christ in 1991.  Before that time, Jeff was diagnosed with a pancreatic disorder with no chance of improvement.  He struggled with this sickness for twelve years.  After 20 + visits to the hospital, he had enough of this sickness that had stopped him from his call into the ministry.  Finally, in December 2000, major surgery took place, and the healing hand of God presented a miracle.  Since the surgery, Jeff has been pain free and completely healed!

 During his many years of sickness, Jeff continued to press in for the will of God.  In 1998 he began serving at Victory Christian Center by managing the Helps Ministry.  In September 2001, God directed Jeff and his family in a new direction. They went and served at Christian City Church, where Jeff was ordained as the Senior Associate Pastor. Also in 2001, both Jeff and Diana began attending Rhema Bible Training to further prepare for the calling of God on their lives.

While Jeff enjoyed serving at Christian City Church, he still felt that urgency to “step out” and fulfill the calling of God on his life that he felt back in 1991.  After much prayer and confirmation, in August 2003, Jeff & Diana went back to Michigan to meet with their Pastor’s, Dave & Nicole Muns of Christian Life Church.  While there, Jeff and Diana answered the call to start a new work in Las Vegas under the covering of Christian Life Church.  Both Jeff and Diana were ordained and sent back to Las Vegas to begin the work of God.   

Today, Pastor’s Jeff and Diana and their three children Scott, Amanda & Matthew are abiding in the Word of God and continuing to build the Kingdom of God through Spirit Life Christian Church.  They continue to encourage those that are sick and believe their ministry is to teach and preach about the wonderful healing hand of Jesus!  Come join them as they build the Kingdom of God.

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