All messages listed were given by Pastor Jeff Budzinski, unless otherwise noted.

  1. Stay on Your Freeway – Del Stamper August 26, 2012
  2. Water to Wine – Del Stamper April 14, 2013
  3. The Glory of God
  4. The Enemies Help
  5. Our Hope In A Savior
  6. Jesus – Our Christmas Gift
  7. Accepted and Chosen by God
  8. Being led by the Spirit of God
  9. Chosing between the Spirit and the Flesh
  10. Shifting the Atmosphere – Palm Sunday
  11. Transferring the Resurrection Power into Your Life
  12. The Presence of Unbelief
  13. Praise is What I Do
  14. The Attack on Our Righteousness
  15. The Presence of God is All I Need
  16. A Father’s Legacy
  17. Peace I Give You
  18. Training Our Mind to Receive
  19. Reconciliation God’s Way
  20. Pursuing a Life of Impact
  21. Unlimited Possibilities
  22. It’s not how you Started, It’s how you finish that Matters
  23. No More Excuses
  24. Staying Focused in a Negative World
  25. Pastor Jerry Campers – 10th Anniversary Message to the Church
  26. Discovering God – Daniel Budzinski – Compassionate Touch International
  27. Withdraw from my Fathers account
  28. The Unseen Partner
  29. Foundations Boot Camp
  30. Hard work pays off
  31. Thinking Right
  32. Rules and Restrictions may apply
  33. What Gate is Holding you back
  34. How to have a Mary Christmas
  35. You have not Passed this way before